Giubileo della Misericordia

Supplì Festival in Rome


One of the favourite dishes of the Romans and one of the most eaten by the tourists. On 12th June there is in Rome the Supplì Festival. The culinary manifestation will be held at the Ippodromo delle Capannelle in via Appia 1245.

Music, play area, recreational activities and above all… the supplì!

In order to understand, the supplì is a long rice meatball with meat ragù, twice breaded and fried in olive oil. The origin of the name is probably French. The word “surpirse”, surprise, refers to the filling of the supplì made with mozzarella.  

The event is on Sunday 12th June from 12,30 am to 23,30 pm. 

This is the Facebook page of the event!

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