Giubileo della Misericordia

Roman Summer, the cinema under the stars


All day hot and sultry. During the summer nights everyone looks for somewhere cool. If it is possible in the Eternal City, the refreshment is guaranteed.

For this reason, every year there are always more and more summer arenas in Rome where to watch films in open-air movie theatres that are often free.

Indeed, the “Trastevere Rione del Cinema” is a film festival where many films are projected for free for two months. Until 1st August there are many planned movies: Disney and Pixar classics, Italian-style comedies, music and cinema, contemporary Italian documentaries. These are the subject areas within which every night Piazza San Cosimato turns into a real open-air cinema. The organization makes available up to 199 seats but everyone can bring his or her own pillows and chairs since about 3000 people can be housed. 

Another wonderful place in Rome offering the summer cinema under the stars is the Isola Tiberina and its festival “L'Isola del Cinema”. Everyday, until 4th September, there are outdoor projections as well as cocktail bars and meeting points. Three “theatres”: Arena Groupama where the shows begin at 9:30 pm, Cinelab where the entrance is at 10 pm and the Schermo Tevere, always free, where the shows and the events start at 10 pm. Also this festival offers a wide range of movies and meets all the demands. In order to see what’s on, please consult the official website of the

An occasion for the next weekend is the festival “Alberto il Grande” - I due amici: Sordi e Scola”, dedicated to the most famous Roman actor. The free projections are from 3rd till 9th July in via Druso, in front of the villa of the Roman actor in an arena with 500 seats.
These are the planned movies at the weekend:
On Friday, 8th July – at 9 pm: Will Our Heroes Be Able to Find Their Friend Who Has Mysteriously Disappeared in Africa?
On Saturday, 9th July – at 9 pm: The Best of Enemies (the only movie not for free)

The cinema under the stars in Rome offers even more events. There are more arenas all over the city where to spend few hours in the fresh open-air of the Roman nights:
Kino Summer Village (until the 31st August at Ex Dogana – Scalo San Lorenzo)
Arena Nuovo Sacher (until 31st July at Cinema Nuovo Sacher)
Effetto notte in Villa Borghese (until 7th September in Villa Borghese)
Cinema all'aperto (from 8th till 22nd July at Accademia di Francia – Villa Medici)
Uno sguardo dal ponte (every Wednesday until the 21st September at Maisonette Bistrot – Garbatella)

Enjoying the fresh Roman nights while watching a movie under the stars.

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