Giubileo della Misericordia

Last minute hotel offers in Rome


Are you planning to spend your holidays in Rome?

The Capital City offers its best during this period of the year: historical beauties and highly valuable artistic heritages, music, theatre and film festivals, several concerts, open-air events and beaches very close to the city.

Your Roman holidays will be unforgettable for the rest of your life. Excellent food and the typical Italian hospitality. If you haven’t booked yet, we will help you thanks to incredible hotel offers in the centre of Rome. Two, three and four-star hotels equipped with every comfort housing you as special guests.

All the hotels are guaranteed by Vatimecum, the services portal for the hospitality of pilgrims and tourists authorised by the Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelization during this Jubilee year.

Hotels in the centre starting from €15 per night. Plan your Roman holidays first deciding where to sleep in Rome. Have a look at the several hotels in Rome directly on our Portal. Choose the best for you: hotels in the centre for those who want to enjoy the city from dusk till dawn staying close to the main touristic attractions, as well as hotels not so close to the city centre to those who prefer the silence and tranquillity of the Roman countryside.

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