Giubileo della Misericordia

The Portal continues its work at the service of the pilgrims coming to Rome in the Holy Year of Mercy and of all the tourists who want to discover the timeless beauties of the Capital. During these months we have activated many services aiming at giving the tourists the possibility to save money while in Rome.

A lot of people have chosen to book hotels in the centre of Rome at very low prices. Many two, three and four-star hotels close to the main touristic attractions, equipped with the best services. In order to spend an unforgettable Roman summer, please have a look at the last minute offers to stay in Rome spending a little!

The partnership with Ticket Restaurant continues, too. Many tickets have been sold to taste the Italian specialties in several restaurants located all over Rome where to eat at controlled prices, saving up to 30%. The Tickets can be purchased on the Portal – each one costs €5 – and in the specified restaurants it is possible to taste menus at discounted prices, from breakfast to dinner time. Also McDonald's chose Vatimecum with the “Jubilee Menu” at a very special price. Find out more and bon appetite!

Unipol Sai went with us during this Jubilee Year making several insurance assistance solutions – officially created for the Jubilee – available. In particular, UnipolSai Viaggi Speciale Giubileo, for Italian pilgrims travelling individually or in a group and Iubilaeum Daily Assistance, for pilgrims coming from abroad, created by UniSalute, a company of the Unipol Group. Protect your summer holiday in Rome!

On it is possible to book the tours in order to discover Rome with experienced guides through classical, new and experiential routes. Our tours include classical tours such as “Baroque Rome”, “Classical Rome” between the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, “Christian Rome” with the visit of the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica; in addition, there are unusual routes that will let you discover other aspects of Rome: the “Street Art” tour, the “Art Nouveau tour”, the modern and contemporary architecture in Rome; moreover, we have a range of bicycle tours and tours outside the city to admire incredible treasures not very far from Rome: Ostia Antica, Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este in Tivoli; finally, the experiential tours, the best way to completely enter the atmospheres and the daily habits of Rome, to get known with its culture and customs.

Vatimecum continuously controls the most important events and initiatives in the Capital to keep you update on what to do in Rome during your stay. Follow us on Facebook!

Are you planning to spend your holidays in Rome?

The Capital City offers its best during this period of the year: historical beauties and highly valuable artistic heritages, music, theatre and film festivals, several concerts, open-air events and beaches very close to the city.

Your Roman holidays will be unforgettable for the rest of your life. Excellent food and the typical Italian hospitality. If you haven’t booked yet, we will help you thanks to incredible hotel offers in the centre of Rome. Two, three and four-star hotels equipped with every comfort housing you as special guests.

All the hotels are guaranteed by Vatimecum, the services portal for the hospitality of pilgrims and tourists authorised by the Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelization during this Jubilee year.

Hotels in the centre starting from €15 per night. Plan your Roman holidays first deciding where to sleep in Rome. Have a look at the several hotels in Rome directly on our Portal. Choose the best for you: hotels in the centre for those who want to enjoy the city from dusk till dawn staying close to the main touristic attractions, as well as hotels not so close to the city centre to those who prefer the silence and tranquillity of the Roman countryside.

All day hot and sultry. During the summer nights everyone looks for somewhere cool. If it is possible in the Eternal City, the refreshment is guaranteed.

It is officially summer, the most pleasant season to visit Rome, to discover its beauties and to enjoy all the events happening in the hottest months. Initiatives, concerts, shows in the centre of Rome but also in the suburbs.

The Italian cuisine proves to be again one of the most esteemed in the world. In particular, this year we can really state that the Italian enogastronomic tradition is the best in the world thanks to Massimo Bottura who has been recently awarded as the best chef in the world according to the 50Best ranking.

Today we will introduce you another important event of the Roman summer. Indeed, every year the Cavea of the Auditorium Parco della Musica livens up with music and joy. Under the stars of the Roman nights Italian and international artists will perform on the stage of the work realized by Renzo Piano and dedicated to the music.

A confirmation in the programme of the Roman summer. Indeed, also this year the event with the opera at the Baths of Caracalla is back. The location represents one of the most gorgeous examples of imperial baths in Rome. They are well preserved and free from modern buildings.

In order to deeply understand Rome and to live an unforgettable experience we have created a tour that will literally let you taste the Italian and Roma traditions and culture.

Also this year the event with the works by William Shakespeare under the stars is back. The 2016 season will be even more exciting because it will happen 400 years after the death of the English writer (23rd April 2016). The playbill privileges the works which have been set in Italy and deal with justice and the enactment of the law.

It’s time! Summer is coming and we constantly think about the holidays. If you are taking into consideration the idea to spend some days or even weeks in the Eternal City in order to enjoy its timeless monuments, its unique masterpieces, the sun and the beaches, and the breathless sunsets, we suggest you to have a look at our offers to overnight.

Museums, historical palaces and culturally interesting buildings. These places house shows and exhibitions in Rome. The range is really wide and we want to keep you updated on the most awaited and successful exhibitions.

With the beginning of the Spring the evening visits of the Colosseum are back. A visit that you won’t forget to the underground world and the galleries of the Flavian Amphitheatre. Every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday from 8:10 pm till 12:00 am it will be possible to admire an incredible show.

The Italian culture has always been strongly connected to the wine and food tradition. In Italy eating means socialization and hospitality. The food, from pasta to coffee, is part of the Italian culture, society, customs and traditions.

The weather in Rome is so good that people can spend the time out also during the winter nights. Indeed, during spring and summer it is even more pleasant to spend the nights in the streets and wonderful squares of the city centre. Romans know it!

From today on, it is possible to book our tours in order to discover Rome with skilled tourist guides through classical, unusual and experiential paths.

What a wonderful city is Rome in summer! There is less traffic, the chaos decreases and there are many initiatives, events and cultural exhibitions which liven the city up from dusk till dawn.

During good weather we are more willing to spend time out and every weekend is a good occasion in order to have a walk in the streets of Rome while discovering its timeless beauties.

Rome continuously houses many exhibitions with artists and works from all over the world. The Italian cultural Capital offers many museums all over the city in order to meet the needs of the Roman citizens and tourists who visit the Eternal city every year to enjoy its culture and knowledge.

Sun, longer days and many open-air activities to do. Rome is so beautiful in Spring!

As usual, every year a new show with the blooming of the Roman azaleas on the most famous steps of the world. Indeed, from middle April on the Campidoglio Steps will be totally covered by 600 vases of colourful azaleas, the Rododendron Indicum ones.

The Rome rose garden is at the foot of the Aventine hill, in via di Valle Murcia 6. A visit is worth not only for the rose garden but also for its location: here there is a wonderful panorama on the Palatine and the Circo Massimo.

As usual, many events not to be missed also for the next weekend. Festival, music, theatre, exhibitions and much more. In Rome you never get bored! Let’s see together the main events that will take place in Rome during the weekend from 13th till 15th May.

On 2nd June in Italy the Republic Day will be celebrated on the same date in which in 1946 through a constitutional referendum Italy became a Democratic Republic.

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