Giubileo della Misericordia

Jubilee itineraries and tourist routes


Vatimecum drives you in the 2015 Jubilee advising you on several ideas in order to visit the city and the places of worship which the pilgrims from all over the world aim to visit.

Many are the itineraries ranging from the Vie Francigene that lead to Rome starting in other Italian cities, to the Marian paths aimed at discovering the symbols and the monuments of worship dedicated to the cult of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Many routes to walk through to visit the Roman basilica, the pilgrim’s pathways, the Jubilee itineraries leading to Saint Peter, that is the cradle of the international Catholicism.   

In addition, we suggest you numerous walks in order to discover the Eternal City during the Jubilee of Mercy. There are offers to any kind of need: discovering Rome from the most suggestive and evocative panoramic viewpoints, retracing the streets and places that made Rome unique and the ones recalled in the Award-winning film “The Great Beauty”. Also, the Roman villas, public parks, shopping streets, museums, works of art and unparalleled archaeological excavations.     

The most comfortable hotels and the best restaurants in town will be recommended to every itinerary, where to eat traditional Roman meals, pizza or pasta.

Thus, the 2015 Jubilee will turn into an unforgettable religious experience.
Welcome to Rome!

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